Digital Marketing: Success Mantra For Politicians

In 2007, the Obama campaign intertwined social networking, display ads and email programs to generate a dialogue that engaged constituents. Now, no matter which side you support, digital messaging has become a progressively more important median; predicted to grow 575% from 2012.^0210A6F1BDB818641F89D83F9263BC4AA515543109392D9FBD^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Digital Marketing has become a requirement of the day, no matter what field it is. It is obligatory as it helps people know and understand your business. If suitable carrying out of online branding is not done, then the business remains unknown to its probable clients.

We at New Vision Digital PVT LTD believes that ‘’the better candidate does not win, the better marketer does’’. For political organizations beholding to influence potential voters digital targeting is the one thing that can’t be ignored. Although voting is a responsive act, there are certain transactional indicators that can help forecast where a vote might be cast. When a political model is developed at New Vision Digital, we analyse the complete holistic view of a constituent – not just the last touchpoint as an enumerated voter.

First of all, we need to understand that digital marketing and politics both want the same thing: persuade people to do something. Convince them to buy a product. Convince them to vote for you. And convincing them takes exertion and time, of course.

How is digital marketing helpful for a politician?

Digital marketing has made it tranquil for political campaigns to reach their target audience at a lesser cost equated to that required for traditional marketing. Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing in almost every kind. This same trend is also accepted in political campaigns. Nevertheless, with the help of Digital Marketing you can produce a Buzz by the following these footprints:-

  • Running Social Media (i.e. Facebook, etc) Campaigns
  • Crafting your own website and showcasing your contribution to society as a whole
  • Starting the slogans and logos
  • Video marketing, etc

Tailoring Targeted Messages

      • Our profusion of digital data and tools accessible in enabling campaigns to better tailor your messages based on the audience’s values to increase your voter base.
      • Our campaigns are employing intelligent dynamic resourceful optimization to put the suitable spin on your ads to get the favourite response.

Beating Voter Ad Burnout with Sequencing

Voters can easily tire of repetitive political ads. But digital advances in viewability tracking and cross-device analysis can benefit campaigns to reduce voter tiredness. We with the help of cutting- edge technology allow campaigns to embed digital intelligence and frequency capping into their ad-serving strategies to better manage their ad sequencing.

Campaigns have customarily relied on paid ads, but the attractiveness of social media has brought limitless opportunities in unpaid advertising. This year’s political picture is already full of social media happenings like YouTube videos, animated GIFs, and content intended to spark voter reaction and sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This unpaid advertising has proven to be very operative in persuading voter decisions.

Here are three steps to consider helping you win your digital marketing political campaign:

      • Not all digital impressions are produced equal and there is a finite amount of quality (brand safe) inventory.
      • Don’t lose the forest for the trees and hyper-target your digital audience.
      • All of your crusade marketing and advertising media is essential and should work together.

Impact of Social Media on Indian Politics

  • The use of social media for politicians counting Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have dramatically transformed the way campaigns are run.
  • Social media played a dynamic role in deciding which party wins the most seats.
  • Facebook users have a marvellous impact over the results of the polls in 160 of India‘s 543 constituencies.
  • The youth is tech-savvy and love being associated with updated trends and topics.

What included in our Digital Marketing for Politicians:

  • Our team with the help of radical tools like websites, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, ORM and many more will promote single voice through these platforms.
  • Our social podium will highlight important and prevailing issues.
  • We create an online presence on all social media domains as we have a skilled and creative team of mavens.
  • Our team make sure to encourage user participation in these forums.
  • We take pride in presenting you with our imaginative and unique agenda to promote you and your party on these platforms.
  • Last but definitely not the least, we offer top-class solutions to the problems through these podiums.


In recent years, social media have enabled some politicians and political parties to communicate directly with voters, often bypassing news organisations that have customarily mediated their ideas.

In today’s era of mounting social media usage and increasing internet infiltration owing to intensified use of smartphones, digital marketing delivers the impeccable platform for political parties to interrelate with their viewers. Digital media has improved the way political parties connect with their voters, thus bridging the gap between them. Along with growing interaction, digital and social media also permits targeting the promotion and tailoring it in a way that the campaigners are trying to achieve.

Digital marketing strategy is now part of the campaign briefs and politicians/political parties are spending the augmented amount of resources and time and on digital marketing. The increasing practise of digital media highlights its effective role in persuading voters and their behaviour. Digital marketing is not only a fast-rising force in the current marketing field, but it is also set to be the future of marketing. It is very probable that digital media will shortly replace more traditional forms altogether.

In the end, if you belong to any political party and want to be part of it in the nigh future, this is the correct place for you to get on track. We will put together this multi-faceted Digital tools series on using social media in political campaigns to give you an edge it desires to win and influence this exhilarating space.

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